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  your personal akashic records contain every piece of information regarding your soul’s experience. In order to understand the akashic record readings you may want to do some research. And because the records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere", linda howe. Book of life - akashic records - #1 a. Due to this close work with the records, archangel metatron can also help you to gain access to the records of your soul, and to that which will serve you on your journey now. 2 high level questions for the lords of the records. Find your calling in the akashics. So, before booking a reading, please make sure that you can make time in your busy schedule to actually hear your reading. It comes from our interest in the records, and our desire to work in the space that is created when the records are open. -- recommended guidelines and ground rules for reading the akashic records -- how should i prepare to read the akashic records. The reading was insightful, detailed, inspiring and lots of fun. I will write down the answers that i will give to you and you can read after several time to see if there are some extra meanings. By delving into the akashic records through prayer—a spiritual means that best reveals collective spiritual consciousness, an akashic record reading done by an experienced reader reveals your soul’s purest essence, expression, potentials, and purposes. Heart of each crystal in the greater akashic field of the recorder cell. Several methods for accessing akashic records. Us the records of the entity now known or called. For upcoming akashic trainings and akashic gong journeys see the classes and events page, or for more information on akashic readings and personalized journey sessions see the private sessions page. Because of my business background, she is particularly adept at this type of reading. All my readings are done via telephone. According to bauval's research, egyptian antiquities granted an american team a license to search for the hall of records under the sphinx. What information do you require for a property reading. It is believed by some that the events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. Ca via banking etransfer for your reading, or if using paypal, payment plus an additional 5% to cover transaction fees from paypal. Other individuals who claim to have consciously used the akashic records include: charles webster leadbeater, annie besant, alice bailey, samael aun weor, william lilly, manly p. Records structure from within the astral planes, where they can be. The reading covered areas i didn’t even know could be looked in to, and in great detail. I can not express in words the journey i had as a participant in mona's akashic. He was known as "the sleeping prophet" because his method of accessing the records was to put himself into a sleep state that allowed him to shift his consciousness and access the akasha. I have heard from others and read on blog sites that questions about the future are also prohibited, but this has not stopped me from asking my mtlos what i can expect from time to time. "the immortal truth" is the first book that includes all of the revelations of the records in one work -- across party lines, one might say. It has provided so much insight and understanding in my life that i haven't experienced before in any other reading.   you are protecting the direct communication between you and the ascended master(s) who is(are) reading your akashic record answers for you. The characters are told to gain access to the records to reset the world before it ends. Library is known as the "soul records" and is not accessible by you or. In the light of the akashic records, to see (myself/first name of the individual being read). Opening our records on different time lines in the past and future. A few additional cautions: especially in the beginning, keep your reading session brief. Experience the truly fulfilling and transformational gifts of the realms of the akashic records for yourself. Specifically, unlocking the secrets to your akashic records reveals the following:. For a first reading, it's recommended that you order between 3-5 pages. When your sacred records are opened karma and energetic patterns that hold you back can be cleared. As such, the records can help you obtain a much deeper understanding of your life. "how to read the akashic records",. Or near the akashic records. The individual akashic records of each being are recorded in our dna. The information in the akashic records is contained in the universal mind, or in a dimension of divine universal consciousness. What comes forward in a reading is offered in support of you finding your highest path and helping you find clarity within your life’s challenges. " —peggy mccoll, aka "the best seller maker,” new york times best-selling author the infinite wisdom of the akashic records is an extraordinary book filled with unparalleled tools for transformation. This is called the akashic breath. When records are viewed and interpreted, they are seen as a type of in-astral mind's-eye vision experience, with overlays of emotional and intuitive impressions. You may open the akashic records of your business to discover what your business needs/requires to grow, become more successful or even gain clarity for more direction in its management. This reading involves a 21-day clearing prayer work and the expectation is that you are able to commit to completing this after our session. Let’s see what else the records want to tell me so that life will move forward.  it would be highly unlikely for you to be drawn to this reading and not be a starseed. How to access your akashic records. It’s meant for those who have already gotten their records read previously or/and whose aim is simply to clear any blocks that are in the way of divine abundance. These memories can be healed and released by means with a skilled akashic record reader.  the fee for a phone reading is $80 (checks only), to cover costs as well as s/h. Find answers in an akashic records reading.   for many individuals this book of life is simply an imagery symbol of those destined for heaven and has roots in the custom of recording genealogical records of names or perhaps early census taking. When you register for this home study webinar, you will also receive this exciting bonus: lori’s downloadable ebook, mp3 class and guided healing meditation mp3, healing with the akashic records for you and your animal companions, valued at $100. If you want to access your records, it is ok if you don't know how to do it. You can also read testimonials here. How to prepare for an akashic records reading. Your akashic records contains the “secret key insights” that will assist you in making the right decisions, and taking the right actions to create the amazing life you were meant to live. In fact, i could tell when the records were opened–i could feel an energetic shift which felt like an ‘opening’ in my head. Through my work as both a teacher and a reader of the records, i have learned that most of the people attracted to the pathway prayer process have had experiences with the energy of the akashic records at some earlier time. Information about the akashic records can be found in folklore, in myth, and throughout the old and new testaments. How do i book a reading. Guardians of the akashic records. The email was a wonderful introduction to her and i look forward to a phone reading in the future. The moment i saw your youtube video with leija, i said to myself ‘that’s whom i would like to have read/know my akashic records.  providing truth, information and support is the role of the akashic records. While it is true that the akashic records can draw people (or groups of people) together, it can also make people. Before your reading, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the akashic records are, why you may want them read, and what to expect (and not expect) during a reading with me. I perform akashic records readings for people who are dealing with all sorts of issues. The akashic records will rarely tell you what to do -- instead, they give you all the information you need to make the appropriate choices to create your future. -- as an akashic reader-practitioner, what are my roles and responsibilities. Obviously, the journey to the akashic records is not a physical one - which makes it somewhat more difficult for people who have never tried it. However, the akashic records are everywhere, part of the fabric of all things. Through questions, specific focus is revealed in the vast akashic field. " i dove in with open enthusiasm, as i've personally known about the akashic records for many years. This page explains some aspects of this earth space and the ‘spiritual’ cycles we go through and how the akashic records have gone from presenting accurate histories of ourselves to becoming quite corrupted. Based on an individual’s responses in the past, the akashic seer/reader can investigate probable future responses and give the highest future probability. It is best to give yourself about an hour after your reading to rest, integrate, to spend time in nature; whatever helps you simply be with the information shared by your record keepers.  if needed, i can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your akashic records. With visits to the halls of records as well as. They offer many types of healing, intuitive readings, and classes that i'd love to check out. When i conduct readings, i only use a simple description of the situation that occurred in the past lifetime because the focus of the reading is always to identify and clear away the negative energy that the client is still carrying from the past experiences. Does any expert know out the akashic records. Dear michelle, thank you so much for the taking the time and energy to do my akashic record.   more than just a reservoir of events, the akashic records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Lesser akashic would be such things as the world’s religions, common issues of.  a comprehensive set of pages this time giving details about the akashic records also known by some as the secret hall of records, the mind of god and the social memory complex to name just some variations. There are various levels and kinds of akashic records created in order to be able to categorize and file such records. Description : the akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. This reading is intended as a complement to traditional medical care and results are based on many individual factors.   it's been a few days since the reading, and i am still processing through all the guidance i received. I was certified in the akashic records by laura earlier and decided to retake the class with the new information and prayer. Everything has a record of it's existence in the akashic records. See yourself in a record room with files or books. 304-5, cayce began the reading with a curious. If you actually are thinking about if read akashic records is fraud or genuine, read detailed reviews below: many thanks for stopping on by.

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Being in the akashic records involves the transmission of energy first, information second. There is this certain “alignment feeling” you will experience inside your body when you are tuned into your personal akashic record. I focus on questions in your akashic records about your business, soul’s purpose, blocks in business and life and also your health. Reading about the hindu belief that chitragupta kept records of all the sins and virtues, the deeds and actions, of the men of earth, later theosophists suggested that a godlike being kept records of the past on the akashic plane. Anna had initially requested a physical reading (a health reading), providing no information beyond her name and birth date. The akashic records are a vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. ” he said he was accessed the akashic records for each client he did a reading for–the akashic records are thought to be the vibrational record of each person’s soul for this and every lifetime. You will experience the transformative process of accessing the akashic record for another person, business, or pet. It’s also an essential skill to have if you are going to be doing readings for others, since you don’t want to be channelling random spirits – you want to be channelling spirit guides, and getting information directly from the akashic records. Akashic readings are usually done in virginia’s office at the roseheart center. Akashic records assist the individual in understanding their soul’s original intent and remembering our oneness with god. The ability to explore these hidden ancient records that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences one can have. Reading the records of public monuments, buildings, parks, cities or areas of land (those with publicly registered names). Excited about connecting to and exploring the dynamic energetic database that is your soul’s akashic records and embracing a new way of living with divine guidance and assistance. She gives you optimal tools to begin learning to open your own akashic records. It's my favourite reading to give and it's my clients' fave as well; they keep coming back for more. That information remains to be read by anyone with the intention and ability to do so. Here is a concise and clear definition of the amazing energetic database called the akashic records, or as sandra prefers to refer to it – the akashic field. " additional insights werefrequently provided in subsequent readings once an individual had attempted to work with andapply the information which had been given previously. You can ask pretty much anything in an akashic reading that you would in an intuitive reading (all the sample questions in the. Anything and everything about the universe has an energetic imprint/record.   but this wasn't being promoted as a psychic reading so that was another plus for me. Reading and understanding the akashic records of your soul, helps you gain valuable insight on your soul’s journey or path. Although psychics may have limited access to the akashic plane, they can have full access to the physical plane akashic records, which are not yet fully distilled. The focus of an akashic records reading is different to other readings you may have experienced, such as a psychic reading. When you have an akashic records reading, your psychic will be able to investigate these soul contracts for you. Experience authentic access to akashic records, and have a karmic breakthrough. Like our souls, the records are eternal. A stone of strength and transformation, this gem has been a real friend to me as i’ve grown in my reading skills. A reading is usually about 1 hour, depending on how much information i have to share with you as well as how much you comment during the reading. The good news is that reading the akashic records that are relevant to you is even easier -- you carry a copy of your records, so to say. History tells us our ancestors have always known the akashic records as a fundamental "field of energy" that is present throughout nature. Akashic records hold a vibrational record of each souls. My read akashic records review. Through her use of the ackashic records, i have finally come to see what the issue is attached to, and will now be able to resolve this karmic issue and to heal it. The lords of the records work with the masters, teachers, and loved ones—who serve as the interface between the akashic and the earthly realms—by “downloading” to the masters, teachers, and loved ones the information that they will relay during each akashic reading. Readings and healings can be done at a distance through phone or skype. The akashic records therefore contain the energetic organic imprints about the origination and journey of each soul throughout its lifetimes. Been privileged to read from the akashic records, most of my clients have. The experience of your akashic records may also reveal a personal vision of your most enlightened future self, or events from the past that you may need help releasing.   every vibration that occurs in the universe through our thoughts, words, and deeds creates an indelible imprint on the akasha, leaving an energetic recording of every soul and every creation. Because every living thing contributes to the akashic records, every soul has access to the knowledge that they contain. My akashic record reading - review. For understandings about the between lives times and what happens during these as well as of recorded future lives then read the next page. The internet is actually a great analogy for the akashic records ­ the records can be accessed from anywhere, and all information is available on demand as long as you know the correct url. Subconscious mind acts as a gateway to the collective consciousness, where the akashic records exist, and you can learn to access it at will with meditation. "accessing my records has become a part of my life.

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The akashic records are a vibrational field of consciousness that contains a record of every thought, word, and action that your soul has ever experienced. Your akashic records and soul healing: what is the connection. She loves reading for people and telling them about their deep soul gifts, the life lessons they’re learning in this lifetime,  their past lives and soul origins. Accessing the akashic data, we learn of the habits in our lives that have. Yes i would like an akashic records reading now. The term “akashic records” was introduced by the theosophists at the end of the 19th century through helen blavatsky. It is said that the akashic records is. How to open our own akashic records in the book of life and opening the akashic records for others. When you've finished receiving this information, or the scene seems to be fading away, thank metatron and the akashic records and imagine you're stepping back into the elevator of light which gracefully, swiftly, and safely returns you to the present point in time and space. I perform the reading by myself, over a period of time, and after that i’ll convey the information to you, either over a skype session, or send it to your email, depending on what you’ve chosen.  we can sort through the confusion in the reading. The akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the time it extends from source until it returns. Akasha is a sanskrit word (“primary substance”), but the records have been known by a variety of names across cultures (such as the book of life, and the book of remembrance). These are the records for the earth's solar system. For more specific information about events and classes where you can learn about working with the akashic records, refer to  calendar of events. If you are ready to move some big pieces and transform stuck patterns and beliefs, the akashic record readings are the most direct way to do so. A defining moment that propelled me forward on my personal spiritual journey, was reading. I find akashic records fascinating because of all the information they contain. How to read the akashic records by linda howe. The akashic records are here to help us find our way through our lives. The records have been referred to by different names. Some have called it the “great memory,”’ the “akashic record,” or the “spiritual libraries. These beings ensure the safety and integrity of the records. At the start of a reading, the practitioner says a sacred prayer that’s specifically designed to protect him or her from negative forces inside the energy realm. An akashic records reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given. Call us & know about your akashic details: akashic reading is termed as magical conversations with soul. Channel the information and give voice and expression to the record keepers. Karma, lie in the akashic records.  i will let you know when your records have been opened. The sessions are recorded, and i can send you the recording afterwards if you like. In an akashic records reading, i channel information from your records in response to questions you ask. What exactly are akashic record readings. Shifts the record itself so you can create from a higher vibration. Note: the final reading will be emailed as a pdf to you, nothing will be shipped to you. Due to the deeply personal nature of these readings, full payment is required in advance and there are no refunds for this service once purchased. Opening your own akashic records: in this step, you walk through the open door of your soul. Learn about the akashic records, what they are, how to access personal akashic records, and  use the akasha to heal. The lesser akashic is influenced. This is a place where jen posts up-to-the-minute channelings in response to recent world events, answers your questions about the records, and reflects on how akashic work can be developed as part of your spiritual practice. Like any intuitive inquiries, the inquiry for the akashic records needs to be clear and direct. In an akashic records reading a sacred realm or language of light contained in vibration, entered through a sacred akashic record prayer and attuned to the energy of the recipient of the reading. Two chapters will be covered in each of the four sessions, and the first two chapters should be read prior to the first class. Step three:  verifying that the akashic records are opened. When accessing the lesser akashic,. We as humanity have a collective record as does every other species. Simple – i have to make sure that i am reading the correct akashic record, so i don’t give you information that applies to someone else’s record, and i also use the information for my numerology analysis. 6) what’s a good time to get a reading.

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And the concept is that whenever anything happens, in thought, feeling, action, or connection … that there is a record left. Akashic records show up in theory with theosophy and anthroposophy. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. Akashic faq if you’d like to learn even more. The akashic record energy field, or library, contains all. Within the tapestry of the akashic there is opportunity for great understanding and healing.   the record keepers are entrusted with watching over these records, protecting them and helping guide you through them. Carol's class on learning to read the akashic records this past weekend was extremely informative, educational, thought provoking and fun. Once the connection between high technology and the akashic records came about, it was easy enough for later writers to simply suggest that. Most people already access the akashic records often through intuition, meditation, and flashes of insight. It is important here to explain what an akashic reading is not to avoid misunderstandings – it is not a psychic reading or a mind reading.   by accessing information from the akashic records, the universe's computer database, much might be revealed to us. An akashic record reading will help you learn who you are at soul level. We start with learning to access the records for clients, course 3, including all the details of working with people, consent forms, letters to set up appointments. Bonita woods is a soul realignment healer and experienced akashic record reader. Every being on the planet can access the areas of the akashic records of which their soul plays a part. Then i started reading spiritual books and i heard about the recording angels, and i started questioning, who are they and what do these recording angels record. Is this like a psychic reading. If you’ve been away from the records for a while and want to reconnect or if you are looking to deepen your connection with the akashic records, this is the perfect class for you. Akashic records to do the medical readings he was famous for. To schedule a reading visit www. Then, announce out loud, "the records are now open. Can an akashic record reading help me with a physical problem or disease. Ages of earth, are catalogued into the library of the recorder cell of the. While the regular intuition can come in a casual way, reading the akashic records takes a little more focus. Before all readings, he sets the intention that only information for your highest good and healing journey be shared through each sentence. To receive your free gift of an original meditation created exclusively through the akashic records, please fill in your name and email address here. If you need the reading to last longer, you can inform me beforehand. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe.   please read it over before our time together. Central akashic records has been described by those who could communicate with beings on  the “other side” (the astral plane) as a huge building with greek style columns and marble steps. Yet many other psychics don't regard akashic records in such a restrictive sense. Some of the various ways people have processed information stored in the akashic records is holographic videos, flashes of intuition, hunches, lucid dreaming, channeling and of course – through the use of crystals. Your reading was concise and easy to understand and delivered in a very professional manner. The problem is, of course, that most people who enter the akashic records have no idea what they are looking for. It holds the record of all that ever happened in life, on earth and in the cosmos, and relates it to all that is yet to happen. When you learn how to open the akashic records, you can shed light on who you really are, what you are doing and where you are going. Akashic records, i would suggest also getting some of his work and reading it. The term akashic records comes from the sanskrit word akasha, which means sky or ethers. Whereas a planet’s akashic records are kept at the core of a cell of planet, the noosphere is an energy field of human thought that exists around the exterior of the planet. Each week the energy, guidance, and unconditional love of the akashic records will be used to facilitate deep internal movements with the ultimate goal of activating a thriving, abundant, and authentic life. ​during your consultation, i clear your akashic record of negative blocks, restrictions and contracts (and more) created by your own choices in both past lifetimes and this life, and anything that comes up at this time that is affecting you negatively. The akashic tarot, we’re giving away tons of free gifts— valued at over $400. During a visit into the akashic records you will be able to connect to the heart of the meaning for your existence, which you really are, and the myriad of lifetimes you have lived. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading.

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There is no need to “test” your records or jen to see if they are “real. Akashic record reading isn't a tool for predicting the future. Edgar cayce, who is probably the most famous “akashic records reader. Ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. You have to start by learning that the akashic record is. Infosomatic model of the mental body or personal akashic records allows an operator to measure it using a pondermotor writing technique. As beginning students, i encourage you to be open to however you are receiving the energy and information from the records (too much concern in this area can block one from receiving) but as advanced students and those looking to develop as practitioners, it is important to know the difference.   in 2013, i became certified by linda howe as an advanced akashic records reader practitioner. Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone--anytime, anywhere. Access the akashic wisdom for another (your first step to becoming a certified akashic record consultant). By learning and practicing how to give akashic consultations, you will be able to help bring clarity, insight, and understanding to others through the akashic field. It is a hallwithout walls, without ceiling, but i am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom i seek information. Have you ever wondered the types of things we talk about during an akashic records reading. If the reading will be in-person, payment may be made at time of reading in cash, bank check or credit card. The final section provides an in-depth examination of techniques used by one of the most famous readers of akashic records. I went into this book excitedly seeking a different approach to the records. Imagine that you could give a reading to someone, which makes their whole life up until now, make more sense. Accessing akashic records – what they are and how to access them. Akashic records are organic and always changing as you are,  so it is. To programme future records to accelerate goals and desires. You can ask anything you desire during an akashic record reading. It remains unclear whether or not intuitive readings and akashic record readings do always differ, or whether those experiences simply vary between individual mediums.   i was so happy and excited to have mary jo perform this reading and it was much more than i could ever have asked for. Instead, by seeing the akashic records as an energetic source of possibility, we may open to an infinite circle of divine potential where we find guidance in creating our own path, our own journey. An akashic record reading and healing will also change your manifesting patterns and connect you more fully with your soul group and mission. The main technique i use for obtaining information from your akashic record is through a process called dowsing. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. So first of all, what exactly are the akashic records. The records help us understand:. The term "akashic" comes from a 5,000 year old sanskrit language which means "hidden library". -- the three levels of healing in the akashic records -- how can i recognize the three levels of healing. Reading through the records on yourself can be an extremely exciting and incredible experience, giving you access to your countless past lives. Why would you want your akashic records read. Can also obtain a psychic reading from a talented sensitive. Through practical exercises and discussions, you'll experience the eternal love, wisdom and playfulness available to you through the akashic records. Each reading takes me a number of days to perform. To book a reading, send your questions or the what you want to know. From there he continued up into the hall of records, this place with no walls, a place with no place. Preparing for an akashic records reading. If you tune in to the akashic records without a, definite subject in. Every being on the planet can access the areas of the akashic records of which their soul plays a part. The records are organized much like a library. Thank you for your interest in the akashic records.

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Even if you have been studying metaphysical concepts for a while, it may something you have heard of, but it’s likely that you won’t be able to give an in-depth answer to the question, “what are the akashic records. This is a wonderful little book, and i feel it will benefit my spiritual progress greatly to use it and begin to access my own akashic records and those of others (with their permission, of course).   that’s how great i think these readings are. Readings are done via telephone for those in the united states and canada, and via skype for those in all other countries. Finally you will practice reading your records and your classmates' records. Possible for only one here and there to interpret or read. Here are a few reasons why you might want to get a reading:. Here’s the basic method for accessing your own records:. I access the records by reciting a prayer, and inserting my name, or the name of the person i am reading. What is an intuitive akashic records reading. How to access and read your akashic records. If requesting an online reading, please include along with payment & your questions, an email address you would like the report sent to . In chapter 3, i will discuss in more detail the roles of the lords of the records and the masters, teachers, and loved ones. She can do the reading at a distance, if you email or mail her a photo. How to read the akashic records. Akashic records (psychic | astral travel | meditation): 4 simple practical steps on how to read the akashic record & let your soul guide your future decisions. Akashic readings involve energetic clearing that you and i both do to resolve negative choices and karma from .   a reading consists of having someone who has experience and expertise in working with the akashic records open your records so that you can receive information from them. How old do i have to be to have a reading. From your akashic records to assist you to continue to move forward with your personal transformation. I will assume that by working with me one-on-one that you have read and agreed to this information. The akashic records are the metaphysical archives that store all your past events and experiences as a soul, including past-lives on earth, as well as experiences on other planes, existences, and places beyond earth. Starting places for the akashic records. Where do akashic records readings come from. Let’s learn to read the akashic records together-you’ll learn to read your own, plus i’ll be reading with you for a powerful phone session for new clarity. A typical session begins when i open your akashic records by means of a special prayer. Through your records you can connect to higher aspects of yourself and to the divine. There are plenty of web sites offering reading and meditations and so on. What is an akashic reading. The most notable mystic and psychic who routinely assessed the akashic records in the form of readings for individuals, was edgar cayce. ” or “would it serve my highest good to have additional readings. Can negativity really be cleared from the akashic records, and how does that help. Our records can offer us comfort and boost confidence and even bring immeasurable amounts of peace to our lives. Shelly is based in idaho, usa but reads for clients all over the world. If you want an overall transformative experience, we can both enter into the practice with simply the intention of the records providing what you need most. These freestyle akashic soul readings are more conversational and enable you to ask follow-up questions within the given time frame. As that soul moved through one lifetime after another, every word, action, and thought were recorded in the records. By lifting you to a divine level of consciousness, this sacred prayer opens the doors of the records, where your "soul blueprint"—everything you need to know about your soul's destiny—awaits you. After a few minutes, let's close the records by reading the closing prayer out loud. A similarity between the records and the a-field is that the methods of access are low levels of mentation or altered states.   the reading held me there for the entirety, and i humbly embraced the magnetism and radiance of my heart energy toward the guidance and perspective of the messages from marijo. The concept of the existence of this type of record is fairly widespread. They are the soul's journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the akashic records. How to get an akashic records reading. I keep a book i bought a few years ago about how to read ancient egyptian hieroglyphs. The profound depths that you will experience, or that you would experience in such a state, are similar to how a being is able to retrieve information from these mysterious and incredible akashic records. After nearly two decades of spiritual searching, i encountered the akashic records in 1994, and have been deliberately engaging them for personal growth and consciousness development (for myself and others) ever since.

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Will anna be offering readings again at a later date. The records are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence — as well as all its future possibilities. This akashic, or primary substance, is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibrations of an ether any place in the universe registers an indelible impression upon it. Also, there is far more in the code than is readily communicated in language, so it is wise not to take any translation of the akashic records as the final word. For the planetary akashic records. If someone attempts to enter the hall of the akashic records with mere curiosity, not to mention malicious intentions, they are rejected or misinformed. The akashic records are an etheric storing place for the entire history of your soul. Although an akashic record reading doesn’t. This type of reading accesses your personal record. What is akashic and past life readings:. Then i had my first akashic reading by teri. Processes, exercises and mini-meditations to connect you with the akashic records. The akashic records are a great resource, but it's only a resource. Although from what i "know", the akashic records only provide coherent information on the current(uncertain about the past), as for anything in the future is at most incoherent. Akashic record readings are facilitated by opening your records sacredly. : life readings & clearings provide invaluable information on your personal evolution, including life lessons, challenges and strengths. During a reading, you will be asking your masters, teachers and loved ones the questions you would like to have answered. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. The akashic records keep a log of every one of your lifetimes, too.  scheduling your reading with maureen. Where to search – during an akashic records reading, you can discover the right place to search to find your ideal soulmate.   there’s no way we can do this work, unless we are reading the akashic records. Preparation before entering the akashic serves your highest good. Continue into the following paragraphs to learn six common questions about reincarnation, and their answers as a short introductory guide to akashic records life path readings:. “during navaratri i received an akashic reading from durga and agni. Note: just about any objective can be met with a reading, but remember the future is available as possibilities only and is based on what you do right now. It is only when there is complete harmony between the conscious, subconscious or superconscious that truth from the akashic records can be determined. Many people claim to read the akashic records. The records are so loving. Healing and reading from the akashic records. Best friends, 2 people coming to talk at one time, sometimes taking turns, sometimes getting readings together. If a person wishes to access akashic records on his own, then he will have to connect with his departed ancestors who can guide him to the akashic records. Benefit and value of doing this reading. The akashic records are the individual records of a soul from inception. Starrydust - i don't believe, someone who reads akashic records on a regular basis for others can be authentic (with some exceptions ofcourse) as it is a very high stage of spiritual development and by then one realises not to unnecessarily meddle with the workings of the creation. Once you are completely centered, set the intention that you will now be accessing your akashic records. And the records give answers about what we are doing here, incarnated on earth. Also referred to as the “hall of records” or the “book of life”, the akashic records are a giant energetic database of every person, place, or thing that has ever existed. A psychic reading with me is not the equivalent of fortune telling.   thousands of people have powerful relationships with the akashic records and many choose to help others who do not choose to access their own records, or who feel that they may interpret the information they receive with bias, since they are “reading themselves”. Please read  – readings information regarding the reading process. These two areas of records hold all the emotions that were used in gathering this information. And yet, this vast complex of computer systems and collective databasescannot begin to come close to the power, the memory, or the omniscient recording capacity of theakashic records.

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Records", in a future life that person will be barred from accessing. The information you can receive in just one guided journey into your akashic records can reveal your life mission, purpose, past lives, and soul lessons to help you create an amazing life that you love. 8 ways an akashic record reading can benefit you. In yarbro, michael refers to the akashic plane as a “. While accessing the akashic records, both the events and responses are said to be perceived. In this 8 week akashic records workshop you will learn:. The advantage to these records lies in the fact that you can gain knowledge and understanding about the past, present, and future. The experience can be visual or auditory in nature – it really depends on the person who is accessing the celestial hall of records. The akashic records are an energetic database of each soul’s history.   i do my best to relay what i am given to the best of my ability, presenting you with all that is conveyed to me during the akashic record consultation, in confidentiality. A past life reading gives you insights into far more than your current lifetime. Now i teach body prayers in the akashic records. There are several deposits of records and they each have a distinct purpose and reason for existing. Businesspeople use the records for help in managing their companies or careers, and parents use the records for guidance and support in parenting. Me to other areas of the greater akashic in which the specific knowledge can be. But the astrologers accepted it as a common occurrence and read on,. “you did a reading for me back in the spring that was spot on. In this way, the records have served humanity throughout its unfolding by being an extra-ordinary state through which we can receive divine illumination at a manageable rate and integrate it into our human experience. It is an invocation to open the records of a certain person (you use your own name when you speak it or read it silently to yourself). In awe of all that is, with the akashic records you may experience the entire continuum of universal energy from self and soul to divine source. The responses and information she is able to retrieve from the akashic records may not involve “insert tab a into slot b” directive but they always bring forth information that either helps me in my decision making process or alleviates my tension or anxiety about situations. , medical, law), adherents describe the existence of various akashic records (e. Other readings, like the life situation, will focus in on one or two areas of life and what in the records is impacting those areas specifically. Your accumulation of karma can be seen through an akashic records reading, giving you insights into how you’ve lived your lives so far. -a record of the monad and all of the souls that it has experienced. Akashic readings are done for free by gurukul balasanths initiated into third eye awakening and the ability to see the cosmic archives.   much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these akashic records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. The book provides examples of sessions with clients, whose akashic records are opened, and who thus receive guidance. When requesting & paying for an akashic record reading, consent to open & work in your akashic records is implied. Akashic 411 went far beyond the information i found in those books, integrating information about energy systems, entities and angels, and when and how to use the resources available to us. *the reading will be recorded and emailed to you within 24 hours so your focus can be on the reading. The reading unlocked the mysteries of my life’s puzzling questions. The akashic records are the source for everything. Can you look up any information that you want in the akashic record. The insights she provided me by accessing my akashic record were powerful and the power and the connection i felt with source astonishing. I give her 5 stars and will recommend her to anyone who needs an akashic record reading or reiki healing. Readings relating to the akashic records will not be available as roberta had a unique talent with her link to the spirit realm and there are no other readers to be recommended. Accessing the "akashic records" can be a. A companion guide to the akasha pendulum or a stand alone reading that will for sure provide new insights to your dowsing practice and pendulum healing work. I have had clients who had readings with other akashic record readers who trained in a different system to the one i use, and they remark to me that we have told them the same information about past lives. What are the akashic records and how can a session with me be practically useful to you. "the akashic records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence--as well as all its future possibilities.

Furthermore, a monad could have a higher level of conglomerate experiences including the records of the soul and the individual, plus:. "my akashic reading with andy grant was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.   akashic, because it is composed of akasha, the energetic substance from which all life is formed, and records, because its objective is to record all life experience. An akashic records reader talks primarily about soul direction with the client, and usually focus on career direction, creativity, and the deepest meaning-making about life and love. I signed up for the next level class, learning to read *another person’s* akashic records for them, if they wished me to. Akashic records are stored as rapid flashes of light, so the records cannot be read in the same way that an ordinary physical book can be read, that is, page by page. Our experts access the akashic records by using their power of meditation, intuition, prayer and spiritual insights. This is one of the greatest miracles of reading the akashic records. The mythical hall of records is allegedly a library buried under the great sphinx in the giza pyramid complex. I was delighted with my akashic records session and would highly recommend anyone who would like guidance from a higher source or are even just curious to have a session with mrs. That’s why the akashic records are a dynamic recording of you, which keeps on changing, depending on the choices you make using your own free will. I discovered teri when i did a web search for akashic readers in 2014.  i would absolutely recommend a reading with shelly if you want to find out a bit more about your true self. These key ‘codes’ are placed into my auric field and therefore ‘read’ by. The lords of the records work with the masters, teachers, and loved ones--who serve as the interface between the akashic and earthly realms--by "downloading" to the masters, teachers, and loved ones the information that they will relay during each akashic reading. Cause offending individuals to lose access to the records for. My doubt doubled when one of the last lines of the horoscope was read aloud. The akashic records hold the past, the present and all possible future outcomes. Take a look at my suggested reading page to find a book that’s right for you.  a soul reading can assist you to receive deep insight and defined clarity on the source of many different problem areas of your life. If you want to enhance your imagination, intuition, creative and healing abilities, consider adding this powerful book of knowledge to your reading collection and study library. What is the value of an akashic reading. Knowledge-forms from the lesser akashic and translates them into highly defined. The current wait time for a reading is approximately three to four weeks. This is the reason why the akashic records are so important – because once you discover how you can actually interact with a component of the divine mind, you. The akashic records hold our possibilities and our potentials, but are also respectful of the individual’s right to free will. Some have even stated that the deepest secrets of mankind came from the akashic records once the akashic doors were open. This universal information field is equivalent to the akashic records. In this 3-day class you will learn to become a channel for divine energy and guidance through the akashic records. The akashic records are a healing force directly from the source, filled with bountiful information. Almost a year ago to the day i had an akashic record reading and i can tell you that my life is nothing like it was just one year ago. In our current understanding, the akashic record is the oneness of everything where all is contained. Protecting yourself energetically as you work in your records.   that’s the first difference between an akashic records reading and a psychic reading. But if they knew how to access their akashic records, they wouldn’t feel that way. In the records, we are able to see and register our various incarnations. How does one read the akashic records. Akashic records nutrition and wellness readings with sallie keys.  this takes only a few minutes, and is a very important service that is included in all my psychic readings. As i continue to work in the records over the next three years, i expect to use them in ever-increasing and ever-evolving ways-possibly to develop other healing tools or inspirational items, or possibly to work with a group or groups to bring about peace and understanding. Everybody has the inherent ability to access the akashic records. Do we access the akashic records. Akashic records or soul purpose reading. As i’ve grown in this life as a psychic, i have also grown in my knowledge about the many benefits that can be gained by accessing the akashic records. With forty years of documented readings from the akashic records edgar's legacy is on file at his association for research and enlightenment in the usa. Can i give you questions and concerns before we do the reading.